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Our purpose is to transform innovative ideas into products that enrich the lives of consumers, investors, and the inventors - from "Paper Napkin to Profit" TM for all.

IPL has currently focused its effort on developing and marketing its Genie FRY product which removes up to 32% more oil from a variety of fried foods compared to traditional methods. IPL has a working prototype. Extensive focus groups, including consumers, executive chefs and restaurant owners, concluded that Genie Chef produces fried foods which taste equally good and remain crisper, hotter for a longer time. The Genie Chef also recovers enough oil in a commercial environment to have as little as a year pay-back.

In the News

Calgary, AB Jan. 11, 2011 - IPL receives US Patent No. 7,866,259 for its Genie Fry Product Genie Fry Patent

Calgary, AB Nov. 17, 2009 - IPL completes a comparative taste test of reduced fat fries in three US restaurants with over 300 customers. Key findings: customers are willing to pay extra for reduced calory fried food.

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